Climb Mount Kenya Adventure

7 days, 6 nights

Mt. Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa with greatly varied styles of climbs. Some of its highest peaks require rock climbing and it is the most scenic in Africa, with permanent glaciers at the peak despite lying on the equator.

At Nelion Adventures, we have planned the most scenic and adventurous route. This is the Sirimon chogoria Route. Knowing that it’s also one of the best routes to acclimatize, we can also boast to be reputed for highest rate for safety and summit success rate. Our guides have kept a simple tradition over time; walk high and sleep low.

The Sirimon Route is also one of the best route to see big game. It is relatively dry and starts from Savanna like climate and scenery. It is also very gentle and therefore friendly for beginners or people who more than just bag the glory of summiting one of the highest peaks in Africa wants to have fun and vacation at it.

After summit, we will follow the Chogoria route down the mountain. This offers so much diversity from the route you climbed up through. It’s a wet, lush, forested route that has great views. It will offer calm and relaxation after the climb. This experience will be one of your highlights in your visit in Africa!

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