Magical Kenya Adventure

15 days, 14 nights

Dubbed “Magical Kenya”, Kenya is the most scenic, rich in topography and diversity. From the cool Mountain Highland climates of Central Kenya and the Central Rift Valley, to the vast savanna grasslands of Tsavo to the near desert climate of North Eastern Kenya. The country is home to rich multicultural ethnic settlements that will leave you enchanted.

Our adventure starts in Masai Mara, where we sample the savanna action as the big cats hunt’s for their lunch in the rich biodiversity that is the Masai Mara. If in season, you will also get to experience the great migration first hand.

From Mara we will head to Samburu National Park an unrivalled topography with scenic flora and fauna with stop overs in, Lake Nakuru National Park & Ol Pajeta Conservancy in Nanyuki. Our last leg of this adventure will take us to Amboseli and end rightly in Diani at the Coast.

It’s a holistic view of the gorgeous country. We will give you four days enjoying the warm sun and great cuisine at the coast so that you can take home a great tan and invaluable memories.

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