Mount Ruwenzori Adventure

8 days, 7 nights

Located in Uganda, the “Pearl of Africa”, Mt. Ruwenzori climbs up 4,890 Meters at its highest peak. Mt. Ruwenzori peak attempt will require technical ice climbing. We will make for the Margherita Peak, you will need, 1 ice axe, 1 harness, 1 pair of crampons and 1 climbing rope for the summit climbers.

Ruwenzori offers a very adventurous climb due to its terrain. Located in the green belt of Africa, it is typically wet as you progress up the mountain. Nothing prepares you for the snowcapped peaks and though challenging towards the peak, the sense of achievement and the view on the second highest mountain in Africa will be decent prize.

No one mountain in East African Region is the same. However, the variation of each, in topography and scenery will make for quite an adventure and a story to tell for years to come. Come, let’s go climb Ruwenzori!

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