Guests with special needs and disabilities

We are experienced in handling persons who are differently abled.

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Our experience accords us advantage in this area and we can even provide special aids and devices where there is a need

At Nelion Adventures, we are disabled persons friendly. Whatever special needs you might have, you should not be limited in the kind of experiences you could enjoy in life including travelling in Africa. At Nelion Adventures, we have been privileged to work for a major conference in Nairobi that brought persons with disabilities from all over Africa in a major convention. Our role involved specialized airport pick up in support during disembarking the airplane, sign in at customs and immigrations as well transfers to the hotel.

All our partner hotels are disabled persons friendly and are equipped with the necessary infrastructural installations that are important aids for people who are abled differently. This includes and is not limited to: ramps, support bars in the washrooms and bathrooms and other important aids.

No human is limited!

No human is limited!

We are all inclusive

To ensure maximum safety and convenience for our guests who are abled differently, we also provide extra support where needed. This may include the presence of a paramedic or medic aide where need be. You could talk to us and for a more consultative planning. In Kenya we believe that no human is limited! This is a saying that we borrowed from the Kenyan athlete, Eliud Kipchoge, after he won the INEOS Challenge of running a full marathon in under two hours. We reiterate; no human is limited.

We cater for other special needs. It could be a dietary need, physical support need or a medical need. This includes persons with developmental conditions, behavioral and emotional conditions or who are sensory impaired. A trip to Africa in nature would definitely be therapeutic.

Whatever need you might have, you would be well taken care of at Nelion Adventures. We take pride in our team, which gives us the biggest advantage in giving care to persons with disabilities as well as persons with special needs. No human is limited.   

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