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With experienced guides, we will lead you to the highest peaks in East Africa through not only the most scenic routes but also routes that will give you the highest chances of summiting. While all the mountains in east Africa can be climbed to the summit without any technical climb, Mt. Kenya and Mt. Ruwenzori are an exception. The two highest peaks on Mt. Kenya, Nelion and Batian are Rock outcrops and require skilled technical rock climbing to summit. Mount Ruwenzori on the other hand requires Ice Climbing to any one of its peaks. We are well equipped and specialized to undertake all. Our guides enjoy the best safety records spanning almost 20 years with no casualty and the highest summit success rate.

East African Peaks

The Mountain destinations

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Mount Kenya

Mt. Kenya has three peaks. Lenana, Batian and Nelion. While Lenana can be trekked with minimum gear, and it’s the lowest peak, Nelion and Batian requires technical climbs. They are anywhere between grade 3 to grade 6 rock climbs.


Lenana is the easiest peak to conquer for a beginner. We recommend it highly for those who wants to add Mt. Kenya in their bag of achievements without going into technical climbs.


This is the second highest peak in Kenya and the third hugest peak in Africa. Conquering it will require adequate preparation on your part. It’s anywhere from Grade 3 to Grade 6 Rock climb.


This is the most exhilarating achievement for any mountaineer. To conquer the highest peak of any mountain. We will take you to the roof of Kenya with a good experienced team. Prepare for grade 3 to Grade 6 rock climb and we will get you there!

Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa. We have dubbed it the roof of Africa. While it doesn’t require any technical climb, you will sweat it out. That’s for sure. But the view up on the top of the world will be worth every drop of sweat.

With so many different routes and climbing styles to choose from, talk to our experts and after understanding your needs we will match the right route and climbing style for you. As a rule, we always climb high and sleep low to minimize any cases of high altitude sickness.

Ruwenzori and other expeditions

This is the third highest mountain in Africa behind Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro, it’s located in Uganda. It is so diverse being located in a tropical rain forest in the green belt of Africa. It’s climb though at first relatively easy will change quickly to technical rock climb at the peaks and in other parts of the mountain.

Abarderes Mountains, Mount Meru, Mount Longonot, Mount Ololookwe, Mount Nyirarongo etc



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