One of the biggest areas of concern when traveling to Africa is safety, which includes, personal safety, possession safety, security and good health. At Nelion we have taken this concern fully so that you may enjoy peace of mind.


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Following the Covid 19 Pandemic Global Outbreak, we have taken measures to ensure that you are protected. The first measure which to us is a prerequisite is to ensure that our staff are tested for Covid 19 each time they are picking a new batch of guests and that they have the Covid 19 Negative Certificate. This is done at least 24 hours before pick up. Further, we work with partner hotels and lodges that test their staff regularly. For us to maintain Covid Free and to keep new infections at bay, our guests have to test for Covid 48 hours before they come to us. Upon arrival, we regularly screen for fevers for everyone within our interactions including guests our team and other persons whom we may come into contact with. We do this to ensure a bubble around you

We also take other measures. For instance our tour vehicles are customized in such a way that there is social distancing in the car. We also provide sterile masks for our team and hand sanitizers for use. If need be, we provide sterile facemasks for our guests and disposable rubber gloves. However we encourage our guests strongly to bring their own masks.

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Safety goes beyond Covid 19 measures.

At Nelion Adventures we take personal safety critically. During physical activities such as hiking, we always employ safety measures to ensure that our guests are well taken care of. Your possessions form an extension of you. Therefore, we work hard to ensure that you have nothing to worry about.

For persons with small children, the elderly and people with special needs, we go a step further by providing appropriate care. We can confidently say that this is our niche. Click the links to read more about it.


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