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At Nelion Adventures, out of experience, we have come to appreciate that senior guests who are mostly persons above 70 years of age need specialized care. This is an experience that we have built over time. Our care includes extra comfort for our guests, sensitivity to pre existing medical conditions common with this age group and personal support.

While all our guests enjoy high security with us, we offer particular care for our senior guests in this regard. It is at times easy, for senior visitors, to forget valuables which might lead to a loss, we therefore keep close attention to your luggage and facilitate with packing where need be. We are always at hand to provide personalized care while at the same time giving the guests freedom and peace of mind.

We care about you


your well being is important to us

A dietary requirement for senior visitors is always well thought out with us. This always starts with a comprehensive consultative pre travel planning as well as our personalized care.

A personal aide often times, at specific times is always handy and quite helpful. We also use a vehicle that maximizes on comfort of the guests. The route chosen and destinations are also specially picked. This is to avoid long tiring hours on bumpy roads that can affect the back. Our vehicle also has adjustable seat, which is quite important. Extra back support, by use of special aids can be offered depending with need.

For expeditions that require a lot of physical performance, we always are at hand to provide brief rest and simple physical aids to support in mobility.


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