Nelion Adventures

Our name is borrowed from one of the peaks of Mt. Kenya

Nelion Adventures gets its name from one of the peaks of Mt. Kenya, which is named after a Masai chief, who helped the first explorers on the first expedition up the mountain. Located in the heart of East Africa, we offer the best of Africa’s nature. Our tours and safaris operations span across four east African countries. To allow you to explore the region properly, we have a wide range of packages. Our carefully packaged Kenya tours and safaris provide an astounding experience.

With a highly experienced team that shares its love of Africa, we are ready to ensure that your visit will show you the best Africa can offer.  Since we know Africa safari destinations very well, we dedicate our services to ensuring that you never have a dull moment during your visit. Our planning will allow you to have fun, explore breathtaking landscapes and experience local culture.

We love our destinations

All our destinations are selected carefully. Our aim is to give you a delightful experience.

Care for our people

While visiting different places we always encounter vulnerable people. We try to help them as much as possible by spending locally and supporting local charities.

Care for our environment

We do all we can to preserve nature. We also partner with organizations that ran conservation projects.

High values

Transparency, honesty and integrity are our core values. This drives all our operations.

Customer Service

We are dedicated to your satisfaction. Nothing is more rewarding to us than a satisfied customer.

Safety first!

If you visit Africa, safety and security is one of your biggest concerns. We know that and take extra precautions to make your stay blissful. We want you to enjoy this wonderful continent and we have taken this burden off your shoulders.

The team

Samuel Wachira Mumbi


With more than 15 years of experience in tourism, Samuel started his career in tourism as a conservationist. He has worked for various conservation programs that were aimed at protecting some of the endangered exotic wildlife species in Kenya. This gives him a wealth of knowledge in a wide array of wild animal species and their behavior. He is also aware of the impact of human interference in the animal’s habitat.  Still a conservationist at heart, his work at Nelion Adventures gives our work invaluable insights when planning each tour, safari or expeditions.


David Njuguna Gathoni


Born in a small village near the towering and majestic Mt. Kenya, David’s fascination with mountains started when he was young. As soon as he finished high school, he enrolled with the Mt. Kenya Guides and Porters Association as an apprentice porter. Working as a porter presented him with his long awaited opportunity of climbing Mount Kenya. He then joined a two years apprenticeship program for mountain guides. On completion, he enrolled for an Outward Bound Course. In 2002, he became a fully certified guide after successfully completing Outdoor Leadership course with Outdoor Leadership School, NOLS. David is an avid guide, with an impeccable record. With zero casualties and about 96% summit success rate. Over the years and after continuous trainings, David has numerous climbing expeditions on all mountains in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.


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